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Stephen Rosenfield, the principal in Rosenfield Mediation, has been practicing Family Mediation in the Greater Toronto Area for more than twenty years.  Stephen’s training includes University of Toronto, (Sociology of Families), educational courses in Mediation and Family Mediation and twenty years prior business experience in contract negotiating, financial analysis and working for a Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Stephen’s business experience provides important perspective to work effectively with individuals assessing their family needs and financial requirements.

Stephen’s mission is to help families focus on their children’s needs to build a better future.  He treats clients honestly, responsibly and respectfully.  We have all heard too many tragic stories about families enduring the separation process.  Stephen believes children and parents deserve a better future: emotionally, morally and financially.

Our tried and tested family mediation practices may commence prior to, throughout or after the separation date.  Most separating parents require assistance regarding:

  • parenting plans
  • visitation schedules
  • day-to-day conflicts
  • division of personal and financial property
  • drafting their separation agreement.
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