Benefits of Mediation

Family law is rapidly changing in Canada:

  1. Family courts are jammed and a majority of litigants do not have legal representation, usually due to cost.
  2. Many people do not get the mediation services or independent legal advice they require.  They walk away from their children and legal responsibilities because family law has become unaffordable.
  3. Family Mediation is considerably less expensive, more timely, less combative than our legal system and the process is customized to the family’s needs and desires.
  4. Family law is changing to unbundled legal services due to both financial demand and the availability of free information on the Internet for child and spousal support calculations (
  5. Family lawyers provide legal services.  Rosenfield Mediation provides a variety of other useful services that provide separating families with a healthier, more affordable and more functional option.
  6. Most separating couples have never seen a Separation Agreement or understand its significance.  Negotiating a Separation Agreement often leads to excessive legal fees.  The emotional wear and tear on parents and children can cause depression and profound disruption to one’s life.

It is worth noting that family mediation is not necessarily the right choice under all circumstances.  Family lawyers can provide legal services to parents who are unable to resolve issues.  Sometimes, families are not able to reap the benefits of mediated services because of extreme conflict, control issues, etc.

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