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Most separating couples have never seen a Separation Agreement

Family Mediation services seek to help separating parents reach consensus during negotiations:

  • Family Separation and Divorce Mediation –  Traditional and collaborative mediation methods resulting in creative Separation Agreements through: decision-making, living arrangements, child support, special and extraordinary expenses, spousal support, division of property, equalization, life insurance calculations, (for married or common-law separating couples).
  • Parenting Plans – Simple to complicated parenting plans to help separating parents and their children move forward with their lives.
  • Family Financial Budgeting – Helping individuals organize their budgets and personal future expenses to ensure the agreement executed is viable.
  • Financial Mediation – Working with accountants or other financial professionals to resolve family financial disputes including personal pensions.
  • Family Crisis Intervention – Dispute resolution, contact and scheduling issues.
  • High Conflict Families –  Families experiencing emotional and medical difficulties, ie: A.D.H.D., Learning Disabilities, Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Parental Alienation, etc.
  • Drafting Agreements and Reports – Parenting Plans, Memorandums of Understanding, Financial Budgets and Agreements, Financial Disclosure Forms and Draft Separation Agreements.

Every attempt will be made to help parents prioritize the needs of their children in a very nurturing and responsible manner.

Family members with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, (A.D.H.D.), Learning Disabilities, (L.D.), Depression, Bipolar Disorder, etc., increase the likelihood of separation and ongoing family challenges.  Individuals experiencing these difficulties may require a parenting plan that is more pointed and specific.

Rosenfield Mediation does not provide legal advice.  We offer services to help families in transition to communicate more appropriately and manage their finances more strategically.  Only Closed Mediation will be provided.  All clients will be strongly advised to obtain Independent Legal Advice, (I.L.A.), prior to, during and at the completion of mediation.  All draft agreements will be forwarded to each client’s lawyer for final approval.

Rosenfield Mediation can provide clients with names of experienced family law lawyers.

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