Preparing Your Home for Sale in the Midst of Personal Chaos

If you are in the midst of a personal transition, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and depleted.

New schedules, new financial circumstances, emotional turmoil, confusion, changing relationships and anxious children can all lead to heightened levels of stress. Adding fuel to the fire, a pending divorce or separation can necessitate the sale of your marital… Continue reading

Life Insurance Policies – A Special Consideration for Divorcing or Separating Couples

Life Insurance policies, joint or individual, term or permanent, along with family Health & Dental Plans, can all be impacted by separation and divorce.  It’s important for couples undergoing this transition to understand the implications and make informed decisions accordingly.

Separation and divorce often require selling the matrimonial home and purchasing a new home… Continue reading

Home Inspection Considerations During Family Transition

Home inspections are very useful for people going through separations and divorce.

Most often, separating home owners need to sell their matrimonial home to finance a new living arrangement.  A qualified Home Inspector can assess your current or prospective home, providing valuable insight into problems or potential problems and details regarding possible costs.

Divorcing… Continue reading