What does a Family Mediator do?

Family mediators assist separating couples, or moms and dads (if there are children), in negotiations for a Separation Agreement.

Mediators practice in different ways but with a common goal – to support families going through separation or divorce.  Stephen Rosenfield practices family mediation by helping couples resolve disputes, helping moms and dads focus on the needs of their children, while paying attention to the financial budgets for each person.

Stephen Rosenfield services include

  • Family Mediation
  • Family Financial Budgeting
  • Financial Mediation
  • Family Crisis Intervention
  • Helping High Conflict Families whose family members have A.D.H.D., learning disabilities, depression or alienation issues, etc.

The conclusion of mediation results in a draft agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (which becomes your Separation Agreement), Financial Budgets and the required Financial Disclosure Forms.  Individuals experiencing extreme conflict may require an agreement specifically listing each party’s responsibilities.

All Memorandums of Understanding are forwarded to each client’s lawyer for legal advice and final approval prior to the execution of the agreement.

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