Why choose Rosenfield Mediation?

Stephen Rosenfield believes that a family mediator should help couples resolve both parenting issues and financial issues.  For example, to mediate regarding children’s extracurricular activities while not being able to resolve who will pay for those activities serves no purpose.

Stephen Rosenfield is able to provide full and comprehensive draft Memorandums of Understanding, which include a parenting plan, child support, spousal support payments or waivers, and other financial considerations.

Separation is extremely stressful for all family members. Stephen helps parents to improve their communication, focus on the needs of their children, while providing a nurturing approach to resolve issues.  Mediation is hard work.  Tough choices need to be made.  New skills are learned.  Bad habits are broken.  In the end, you will have a workable agreement that you can both live with, because you participated in its creation.  THAT’S THE KEY INGREDIENT!

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