Life Insurance Policies – A Special Consideration for Divorcing or Separating Couples

Life Insurance policies, joint or individual, term or permanent, along with family Health & Dental Plans, can all be impacted by separation and divorce.  It’s important for couples undergoing this transition to understand the implications and make informed decisions accordingly.

Separation and divorce often require selling the matrimonial home and purchasing a new home as a single individual.  Mortgage Insurance obtained through a Life Insurance carrier, as opposed to a lending institution, has many more benefits and is less costly in most cases.  With a bank or lending institution, the premium stays the same while the amount of insurance decreases.  Banks or lending institutions control the policy and where the proceeds go, whereas with a Life Insurance company, you have control of the policy and where the benefit goes, should it be needed.

An experienced Insurance Broker can help educate and advise regarding the options available to individuals; it is important to sift through the information with a professional to decide how best to you and your family going forward.

I have over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, providing professional and confidential planning for individuals and businesses.  It is my pleasure to work with you to find the best plan to meet your needs and budget.

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