Parenting Plan

Parenting Plans are usually a significant part of a Separation Agreement.  Parenting Plans can be simple or complex, depending on the parents’ wishes, their emotional stability and maturity, and the personalities and needs of the children.

Typical paragraphs in a Parenting Plan include:

  • parenting values
  • decision-making over healthcare
  • education
  • extraordinary activities
  • religious upbringing

A parenting schedule, including living arrangements, is also included.  Vacation schedules, religious holiday schedules, permissible travel, children’s activities and any other parenting decisions are included.  It’s important to remember that children continue to change as they pass through one stage of development into the next.  Consistency and flexibility are both IMPORTANT.

This is your chance to establish new family rules in your residence.  It’s a “do-over”, in many ways.  This is your opportunity to become optimistic about your family’s future.

Remember, children only have one childhood.  Make it count.

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